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Cool Female Cat Names

female cat names

Picking  The Bets Cat Name For Your Female Cat

You might be finding it hard to look for the perfect name for your cat and that’s normal. Having all these choices and millions of names that have already existed, it can be quite hard to give them something that they can permanently label themselves in their entire lives. You should know that like other options in life where you’re given an overwhelming list of choices, having restrictions can really help.

What restrictions can you set for this objective? First, decide on what category you want your cat’s name to be based on. You may want to name your cat after historical names, colors or fur characteristics. Giving yourself a specific category can limit your options and greatly narrow down your choices to a very few list. Be specific. If you wish to name your cat under the broad category of colors, you might want to go deeper than that. What type of colors? Looking at their fur’s color alone will give you plenty of choices. Are you looking for grey cat names? Do you want to name them after pastel colors, neon or colors based on food?

There are plenty of cool names for cats that you can choose from, if you wish to copy the names of famous personalities or even celebrity cats. Paris is a great name if you’re looking for female cat names, as it’s based on the place in France or Paris Hilton (although that would be quite contradictory, given that she’s a dog lover). Have you tried to look at cartoon characters as reference? Take it from the famous Disney cats like Nala from Lion King or Marie from the 1970’s cartoon Aristocats. You can find several female cat names on the Aristocats show as well. Other possible names that you can take from Disney are from its famous princesses. Do you feel like calling your cat Cinderella, Sophia or Snow White? Then take it from the Disney princesses.

Some people name their cats based on their eye color. Based on the type, you can name them either Charcoal, Jade or Crystal. You might be tempted to take the color of their Bluish eyes, but you should know that the bluish color may change when they grow older.

Names based on Historical figures can be a great fit. Take a look at names from queens like Elizabeth, the famous Pharoah Cleopatra or beautiful Marilyn Monroe. If you wish to use Historical figures as a reference, make sure that you check on their background to help you decide if it’s a good fit for your cat.

Cat names are easy to find nowadays, given that there are plenty of websites containing a large database of cat names to choose from. This may sound like good news, but can make you feel overwhelmed as well. Having a lot of choices can cripple you from picking the best name for your cat, so make sure that you choose the best category to base your cat’s name from. Naming your cat can be difficult, but if you trust both your reference and intuition, you can be left with plenty of desirable choices.